And it was Christmas

And it was Christmas

And in eternity God asked Jesus looking at him full of compassion, “Are you sure you want to go down to the world to rescue mankind?”. Jesus, measuring his words answered without hesitation, “of course, I want to go! Send me!”  After all, am I not God also?  I am God almighty and I can do everything. God sits on his throne and invites Jesus to sits on the throne as well; “this is the plan”, God said. I planned it before the world was made, since before the fall, when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

First, you will have to strip of all your divinity, all your glory and all your majesty. You have to get rid of all your empire for as long as you are on Earth. “You want to do that?” Questioned God, Jesus meditates a little and replies:  “I think I can do that”  “well” says God, now, there’s another thing you should consider,–“What is it?” Asked Jesus. “You will be one more mortal among mortals and you will be subject to the laws of human nature, such as hunger, cold, sleep, pain etc. Your intrusion into the earth will be questioned; you will not be common and be born in a barn.

“It will be the animals who will first see you born, for you will be born in a stable, and your earthly fathers shall be of a humble condition. We don’t have to give our enemy the slightest suspicion of our secret plan, reflects God. As soon as you are born your life will be threatened. “You still want to do it? Asked God staring at Jesus. Yes, responded Jesus right away. “I don’t think that’s a big deal”  “OK” says God, so let us move on.

Your ministry will begin at 33 years old, few will believe you. Even more, religious leaders will think you’re a madman and others even think you’re the son of the devil. It won’t be easy for you down there. You’re going to do many miracles, but they still won’t believe you and they will persecute you because you will not respect their false religion. They’ll try to kill you because they’ll think you’re from the devil. They will not recognize you as someone special, your human ego will not be satisfied, you will be despised, you will be a man of sorrows, and you’ll be a man familiar with pain. You will be rejected, and will not esteem you.  You must not answer back, when they will slap you and spit you, mock you and scorn you. You will be taken like a lamb to the slaughterhouse. If you use your divine power to defend yourself, we won’t be able to save them. Those who you’re going to save are going to crucify you. Only a few will believe in you, those I will point out to you.

You won’t do anything without first consulting me. I have the strategy and the procedures; you only will have to obey me. Any false move ruins the whole plan; a single mistake will spoil everything. “Are you going to go?” Jesus, lowering his head and meditating a little the cost of saving a world lost and full of compassion says:  “Yes! I still want to go.

Well, God went on, you’ll die with a bloody death. Your friends will forsake you, some will deny you and another will give you to the authorities. You will experience despise and loneliness.  You will be sentenced to death and taken to the cross. You will die alone and forsaken. You will die with a bloody death no human being has ever experienced. You’ll be cursed. You’ll spill the last drop of blood on your body and all the water too. It will be very painful, almost unbearable, I will always be with you and I will strengthen you. You’ll never be alone; I’ll always be with you. But your closest friends will doubt, and one of them is going to turn you over to your enemies and the other will deny and curse that he doesn’t know you.

But why does it have to be so hard? Asked Jesus. Is there any other easier way? No, “That’s the plan” God answers firmly. You will not cease being God. You will be God and   man at the same time. You must not make a single mistake to achieve the victory. If you get tired as a man and make use of your deity to show them that you are God you will ruin the plan.

Jesus like wanting to cry, full of love, mercy and pain at the same time looks at his father and while a tear rolled through his holy cheeks said. “I’m going”. I’ll go to them, I’ll die, I’m willing to sacrifice myself,  I will. I’ll pay the price, whatever it takes, I will. I’ll do it for love. You love them, you create them, and I love you, father. I’ll do it for you.

And it was Christmas. Hallelujah!!!

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