Our Beginning

Our Beginning

One of the first things we did when we got here to The United States 16 years ago, was to go to school to study our ESL ( English as a Second Language)

Bonny and me we went to Passaic County Community College for about five years, to learn our new language and we would never regretted.

We worked at Mc Donald in Paterson, NJ from 6am to 2pm. After finishing our job we used to rush home , eat something light and run to PCCC. We had classes from 5 pm to 9:30 pm. three days a week. After classes we ran back home – we drove an old 87 Buick but it was great for us – we ate something and go to bed to be up 5:00am again to go to work.

Not even in my furthest dreams I could have ever imagined how important it was for us to know how to speak , read , and write the most beautiful language of the world, The English language.

I remember after every class , we remained wondering and thinking: “What did the teacher say? “What was she talking about? “What was the homework? But after 5 years of working hard and going to PCCC we finished our ESL.

At the end of the year one of the teachers – great teacher!- her name was Miss Agnes ,and she was from Poland. She called us apart and had a conversation with us that changed forever the course of our lives. She told us ; “You guys , are good students, you have good grades , in Grammar, Reading and Writing” but , you have one big problem she said , “You cannot talk in English, you can’t communicate in English, and you can’t even understand English. She kept on going… strong and firm but kind…” If you really want to talk in English very fluently you need to leave among American people”

And I remembered my friend in Peru, Paul Clark. When I was about to come to The United States I went to see him. He gave me one advice that I treasured very much. He told me there are two ways I can go to The United States. “You can live in The USA and never have to learn and not even speak English, because, there is a community where everything is in Spanish” He said: “You can find your little Peru there. Or, you can go to United States burning your ships” “You sow yourself among them.” “You learn from them and they learn from you”. “You adopt The United States of America as your second mother” And I liked that.

So, that was when we decided to leave our beautiful Paterson, our dear friends and even our own family and move up to Sussex County to start again our life here. It has been a very long journey and difficult process but it was worth it . We could practice up here in Sussex County everything we learned in PCCC. We have learned to communicate in English , we’ve learned to talk in English , and we also can read in English, and sometimes we can even translate when necessary.

I considered myself so blessed . God took us out from our country PERU where we grew up and led us through a long process and brought us here to this beautiful land where I leave with my sweet sweet wife and my precious little boy named Stephen Paul.

We Also are attending and serving in a very warm and family church SEFC… So what can I say? …and what can I do ? but offer this heart Oh God, completely to You. I owe ALL to you Jesus.



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