Grace Upon Grace

Grace Upon Grace

That day I woke up sad and hurt. It was the fourth week since I had this pain in my heart. I remember I was advised to just to go and check with the doctor about my heart. “It is your heart ” She said. It was a friend that happened to be a nurse and was told that I feel this pain in my heart when I began to work.

We were helping this family to build their house. We heard that they have no place to sleep and that their house had been almost destroyed by the rain. After 10 hours driving my car with a bunch of good friends and brothers and sisters in Christ, we finally got to West Virginia.

I did not know much to do in the first day but little by little I felt more comfortable helping my friends in anything I could. I did not know any about construction but I realized that if I am just open to do anything and if I keep my eyes open I could always find something to help.
It was amazing that I got so exciting with the construction. Seeing many people of all ages, doing anything and everything. Helping each other to help this family. Sometimes I even took the lead providing help when I felt more comfortable.

It happened when I began to work harder, I had to stop every moment because my heart began to hurt. No big deal I thought and so I said to Bonny, my wife. She went looking for help because she thought my heart might be in trouble.
This is how I found out that my heart is in trouble. “I had to get you out of work” said the doctor and my whole world fell apart. ” Something in your EKG is coming out abnormal” “I have to schedule an appointment for today and if you refused to go I am going to call emergency to take you” “It is your heart” He said with his voice grave and I trembled.

Driving to that appointment I was scared. I was driving and begging for my life. I thought I could have a heart attack at any moment and began to pray. “Please God, give me more days” While I was driving, I was looking at the trees and the sky, the clouds and the panorama in front of me. I remember, I always talked to my family about the other side of this life, but I never thought I could be the next to go there. “Not yet God!” I cried

Well, after the specialist appointment, they scheduled me for a nuclear test to my heart. That word “Nuclear test” scared me to death, and as I was waiting three weeks for the test and three weeks for the results I was hoping to not have a heart attack at any moment.
Those days were not any good at all. I dealt and fought with many things in my life, but never thought I am going to have the death as my opponent.

That specific day it was the most difficult to deal with. That morning my soul was hurting. it was a deep pain in my being. I never experienced this before. I had done many wrong things in my life. I never took care of my eating and never heard any advice from my wife about eating healthy, neither taking care of my body and working so many hours thinking I am superman. That was what she used to say.

I was feeling sorry for myself. “This is it” I thought. “I am done”. “Fight so hard to finish like this” I regret so hard my bad decisions, but it was too late to reverse it. But if I could, maybe, if I could, maybe God you can give me another chance to fix this.

As I was driving my truck I began to pray. It was not a regular prayer. It was a prayer that cried from my hurting soul. I said “Forgive me Lord please” “I am so sorry” “I am so sorry” I did not have the words to express how sorry I was, but it was my hurting being that I was feeling.” I am sorry” I am sorry ” prayed.

I was not crying but I was very sad. I remember saying to God; “Would you say something to me right now God?

I was driving the route 287 South as I was begging for my life. It was a heavy traffic that day and a line of trucks and trailers were in front of me as I was driving. I wanted to hear something from God, but I was not sure He would say something to me. I recalled those few times he gave me a specific word when I needed it but I did not think he would give me something today.

As I was keep driving in my right line of route 287, watching the panorama and this truck that was in front of me I just kept driving. Suddenly this truck moved to the left line so he could advance. Then I could see the trailer that was in front of that truck. This was a big trailer that had a grey tank in the back.

As this truck moved to the left line and I could see the back of that trailer and I could read in big capital letters in the back of that trailer; “GRACE”

I did not know what to think when I read this. It was a blank moment I guess, but after that I thought maybe God is trying to say something to me. “Are you talking to me God”? I prayed. “Are you saying to me that, even though my bad decisions, you still going to have grace with me? And I began to cry. I cried with a broken heart. I grabbed that word as much as i could, I wanted to believe that everything was going to be all right.

As I was thanking God for his mercy I felt an ineffable peace in my heart. The pain in my soul was gone. I felt good as I enjoyed that peace God gave me that moment. somehow I knew everything was going to be all right.

Later on somebody prayed for me as he told me his experience and how God preserved his life for his glory. “The same physician took care well of me, I prayed for my brother Abel” he prayed.

I felt secure. I felt fine. I was grateful.

No words to describe my feelings. The monster of death was not there anymore. Again I surrendered my life to God and i promised to serve him all my life in any way I can.

It was a long time that this happened to me.

I just wanted to put it in word as a testimony that I have a good God.

Thank you for reading.

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