My Experience in West Virginia 2017 – running from my destiny

My Experience in West Virginia 2017 – running from my destiny

Have you ever run from your destiny? Have you ever chosen not to risk for the sake of safety? I did.
When I heard that there were a group of people going to West Virginia in a mission trip to build a house for a couple that lost their home because of the rain, I did not want to go. When I heard that West Virginia is a place within the United State where people are very poor and where running water can be considered a luxury, it did not call my attention. When I heard that they were looking for more people to go with them so they can help in any way, I was not one of them. Bonny, my wife and my son Stephen had gone before and they wanted me to go with them, but I was not interested.

Working for somebody else is not something I would love to do , and taking my vacation time to help others it was just something I wouldnt do. And as I was trying to find any reason for me to go, I said to myself “Maybe God wants you there for a reason” “maybe God has something for you there” I thought. My only conscious reason for me to go was to please my son.

I love singing, I just so love singing. Sometimes I can sing forever only one song, over and over again. Sometimes, I sing because I have to sing, out of my convictions, but sometimes, my singing takes to another level. Sometimes my singing goes so deep in me that I can feel every word of the song, when the music and the melody comes out from my very soul, and when the lyrics, sometimes, moves me in a way that I can’t help but cry. I love these moments. It is when I feel that the God of the universe is listening to my singing. It is when I feel I am singing in front of all the demons singing to the Great I AM. I just love when I sing like this, my heart is full and I feel like in heaven. It is not always happens but when it happens is the most beautiful thing I enjoy.

So, I went to this mission trip to West Virginia, a little afraid I am going to be boring and not knowing what do or who to talk to, or even how to spend my time there.

I remember the first day of that week we had to build this house from zero. I remember digging the first holes to put the base for the house. I was able to keep myself busy trying to help in every way I can. I saw this house being built day after day until it was completed. I was taking pictures every time. I got so exciting putting my hand to work and see many hands working together to build this house. Kids were carrying shingles, teens were helping, women were painting, some bringing food and the builders thinking how are we going to do it. I was enjoying that moment. It was a party, everybody laughing and working. The time went fast. It was Thursday and the house was done, they were happy. We were ready to come back home.

I felt good. I felt satisfied. I had worked a lot, I had sweated but I was happy.

“Thank you God” I said, it was not bad. It was good!

As I was giving thanks to God for these moments I thought to myself: “This is what God had for me here” I was grateful. My travel here was worth it. I couldn’t ask for more.

But God, still wanted me to have another blessing here I will never forget.

Thursday night Sue asked me if I want to go this Friday to this nursery home to help in any way with my guitar, I said “No thank you”. I was tired and I wanted to stay in my room. Later on somebody else asked me if I want to go to this nursery home to do some activities with the patients there, I said “No thank you”. Friday morning one of my friends told me: “Abel, I am so glad you are going to this nursery home” I said ” No, I am not going”, And I went, I got my guitar and I went.

I was a little boring there! There were people and patients singing and playing but I was not having fun. I wanted to go back to my room.

So, I waited for the perfect moment for me to snick out. When that moment came, I got my guitar, I walked to the door, I opened the door and I was leaving when I heard somebody call my name: Abel! Where are you going!! It was Sue! She saw me and I think she read my mind.

“I am going back to my room” I said, “There is nothing for me to do here”

“Please stay” she begged. I felt so bad and I said “OK! I am going to stay”

After we finished the first part Sue asked us to do something else. There were some patients that did not come down to the lounge, so Sue wanted us to go room by room singing hymns for them. We were eight of us and there were 10 or 15 rooms to sing. We chose two hymns; How Great Thou Art and Amazing Grace.

And this is the moment I never expected to come. This is the most special moment God had for me that day.

When we got to the first room we began to sing and when I opened my mouth to sing, all of a sudden all my emotions arised to the top. I began to sing like being in heaven. I was singing with all my soul! I was enjoying every single lyric of the song. I was so overwhelmed by the singing and the atmosphere that sometimes I had to stop singing because I did not want to cry.

I thought this is only going to happen in the first room, but it happen in the 2nd room, the 3rd room, the 4th room ….till the last room we sang!
It was an incredible experience, never happen before. I felt so full after that. It is an experience I will never forget.

Sometimes we don’t know what God has for us when he ask us to do something for him, or for people, but if we can listen and if we obey we will ripe many blessings.

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